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welcome to the EV community, where sustainability meets performance.

Who we are?

At chargeMOD, we're driving the future of sustainable transportation. As a leading provider of electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions, we're dedicated to making EV ownership accessible, convenient, and eco-friendly. With a commitment to innovation and a growing network of charging stations, we empower EV drivers and property partners alike. Join us in our mission to electrify the world, one charge at a time.

Our Mission

To be the leading provider of innovative and sustainable charging solutions for electric vehicles.

Our Values

To make electric vehicle charging more accessible, convenient, and sustainable for everyone

Charging solutions for every EV need

we are committed to providing you with a diverse range of charging solutions to power up your electric vehicle quickly and conveniently. Whether you are in a rush and need a quick charge or have some extra time and prefer a slower, more affordable option, we have got you covered.

More Details

Work Place

Enhance Your Workplace with Our EV Charging Solutions


Hassle-free charging experience, right in the comfort of your own home


Provide reliable, efficient, and scalable charging for your electric vehicles

Parking Slots

Upgrade Your Parking Facilities with Our EV Charging Solutions!


Transform Your Energy System with Our Advanced EV Charging Utilities


Guarantee dependability and enjoy seamless compatibility

Powerful Products

Our EV products is a reliable and convenient solution for electric vehicle owners on the go. With cutting-edge technology and a user-friendly interface, we provide fast and efficient charging services to help you stay on the road.

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Efficient CMS

powerful tool that allows us to monitor and manage our EV charging stations remotely. With real-time data on usage and performance, we can quickly identify and resolve issues, ensuring maximum uptime and customer satisfaction.

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User-Friendly App

Easily locate our charging stations, start a charging session with just a few taps on your smartphone. You can also track your charging progress, view your charging history, making the entire process seamless and hassle-free.

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Our Community

Customer satisfaction is our major goal. See what our clients are saying about our services.

About us

“ChargeMOD's charging stations are sleek and modern. They look great in our office parking lot and our employees appreciate the convenience.”

Sujith AT

Station Owner

“ChargeMOD's charging stations are reliable and easy to use. I love the convenience of being able to charge my electric vehicle while I'm out and about.”

Shahal Sha

App Customer

“The customer service from ChargeMOD is excellent. They answered all my questions about their charging stations and helped me choose the best option for my needs.”

Sarah Mohan

App Customer

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