In a groundbreaking move towards promoting sustainable transportation and eco-friendly practices, Cochin Shipyard Ltd. has taken a significant step by successfully installing nine AC BlackBox chargers within its premises. These chargers are set to facilitate the charging needs of electric vehicle (EV) users and further the company's commitment to reducing its carbon footprint. With the exclusive 'WorkLine' app developed by chargeMOD, Cochin Shipyard Ltd. employees can conveniently access these chargers, promoting hassle-free and cost-effective electric mobility.

Empowering EV Users through WorkLine App

The cornerstone of this innovative charging infrastructure is the proprietary 'WorkLine' app developed by chargeMOD. This app serves as an exclusive platform through which Cochin Shipyard Ltd. staff can seamlessly book time slots to access the AC BlackBox chargers. This advanced reservation system ensures that employees can conveniently charge their electric scooters or bikes at a time that suits their schedule. By offering a streamlined and user-friendly experience, the WorkLine app eliminates the challenges associated with waiting for available charging stations, enhancing the overall EV user experience.

Cost-Efficiency and Accessibility

Cochin Shipyard Ltd. has taken a commendable step by offering these charging services free of cost to its staff members. This forward-thinking approach encourages the adoption of electric vehicles within the company and promotes a greener mode of transportation. The availability of cost-free charging facilities adds a strong incentive for employees to switch to EVs, contributing to a reduction in carbon emissions and the conservation of non-renewable resources.

EV Charging Evolution: Future Plans

The installation of AC BlackBox chargers is just the beginning of Cochin Shipyard Ltd.'s vision for sustainable electric mobility. As the EV market continues to evolve, the company has ambitious plans to expand its charging infrastructure. In the near future, the shipyard plans to allocate additional parking slots for the installation of DC chargers, catering to the charging needs of EV 4-wheelers. This expansion will contribute to the growth of the local EV ecosystem and encourage the adoption of electric cars, further reinforcing Cochin Shipyard Ltd.'s commitment to environmental stewardship.

Exclusivity and Security through WorkLine App

The 'WorkLine' app by chargeMOD ensures that the charging infrastructure remains exclusive to Cochin Shipyard Ltd.'s staff members. By creating a private ecosystem, the app maintains the integrity of the charging facilities and prevents unauthorized access. This security feature adds a layer of convenience and peace of mind for employees, knowing that their charging needs are met within a secure environment.

Cochin Shipyard Ltd.'s integration of AC BlackBox chargers powered by the chargeMOD WorkLine app exemplifies a significant stride towards sustainable and eco-conscious transportation. By offering employees easy access to free-of-cost charging infrastructure and setting the stage for future EV charging expansion, the shipyard not only promotes greener commuting practices but also serves as a model for other organizations to follow suit. This transformative initiative demonstrates that with innovative technology and a commitment to environmental responsibility, the transition to electric mobility can be both seamless and rewarding.