Are you ready to take your electric vehicle (EV) journey to the next level? The latest chargeMOD update, version 2.0.8, has just hit the Play Store and App Store, bringing a host of exciting features designed to enhance your EV navigation and charging experience. Let's dive into the new features that make chargeMOD a must-have app for every EV driver.

EV Routing (Beta)

One of the standout features of chargeMOD 2.0.8 is the introduction of EV Routing in beta mode. Now, users can access multiple route suggestions tailored specifically for EVs. What sets this feature apart is its ability to provide route options that include both AC and DC charger stations. This functionality empowers drivers to plan their trips more efficiently, ensuring they have access to charging stations when needed most.

Charging Percentage Visibility

Understanding the charging status of other users can be incredibly helpful when planning your own charging stops. With the new Charging Percentage feature, ChargeMOD users can now see the charging percentage of other vehicles currently charging at a station. This real-time information enables better decision-making, allowing users to choose the most suitable charging station based on their needs.

RFID Card Management

For users with the Alpha RFID card, chargeMOD introduces seamless RFID card management. Whether your card is lost or stolen, you can now conveniently toggle its status ON or OFF within the app. Moreover, you can easily check the validity of your RFID card, ensuring hassle-free access to charging facilities.

Lounge Access (Beta)

As a token of appreciation for Alpha users, chargeMOD now offers exclusive lounge access at select locations equipped with charging stations. This beta feature allows users to relax and recharge both their vehicles and themselves in comfort while on the go.

Enhanced Authorization Information

Understanding the authorization methods available at charging locations is vital for a smooth charging experience. With ChargeMOD 2.0.8, users can now view QR code, RFID, and auto-charging information directly on the location's page, empowering them with the knowledge they need before arriving at a charging station.

Energy Rollover Details

chargeMOD now provides comprehensive details about energy rollover directly on your profile page. This feature gives users insights into their energy usage and rollover credits, promoting better management of their EV charging habits.

Promo Code Availability

Lastly, the update introduces a convenient way to access available promo codes directly within the payment section of the app. Users can now explore and apply relevant promo codes, unlocking potential discounts and benefits during their charging sessions.

In conclusion, chargeMOD 2.0.8 sets a new standard for EV navigation and charging apps with its innovative features designed to empower users and streamline their EV journeys. Whether you're a seasoned EV driver or just starting your electric adventure, ChargeMOD is your ultimate companion on the road to sustainable and convenient transportation. Download the update today and revolutionize your EV experience!